Sustainable Wellness, based on your DNA.


Discover your unique codes to optimizing your


H i ,  I ' m  L i n d s e y  L e k h r a j !


I help women beat their body battles so they can live a BIG, BOLD life! Ditch the “rules” and trends, and finally find what works for YOUR body, so you can learn to LOVE your body.



Working through physical and mental blocks allows you to tap into your true potential, show up brighter, and feel more focused than ever.


Learn what it feels like to truly have the energy and clarity to exceed your own expectations.


R E A D Y   T O  C H A N G E  Y O U R

W E L L N E S S   S T O R Y?


Discover how to unlock your power and potential by learning how to optimize your energy with a practical, customized approach.



Experience Embodiment®

through active meditation classes, transformational wellness courses, and private Epigenetics Coaching.



  • Unlock your unique Epigenetic Codes.

    Ditch the trends and learn what really works for YOU. Crack the code to your individual genetic blueprint for ultimate wellness, making it streamlined and foolproof. Design your lifestyle to optimize your body’s performance and unique genetic expression, down to a cellular level.


    Discover truly Holistic Wellness.

  • Discover the power of true energetic mastery.

    Join Lindsey inside the Embodiment Academy for self-paced holistic wellness courses and mindset mastery to create lasting personal evolution by designing your ultimate wellness solutions in Holistic Nutrition, self-care practices, mindset rewiring, and deeply transformational personal development.

  • Activate your Energy and Vitality.

    Open yourself up to a new world of self-awareness with my signature Embodiment™ Method active meditation classes combining notes from NLP, EFT Tapping, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Kundalini yoga and meditation, and Reiki to curate the ultimate Mind+Body+Soul connection.